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Welcome to bmf-uk website. This fellowship has a lot to offer and we would be delighted for you to be part of it. I was 18 years old when I first came in contact with bmf-uk and I can honestly say that no other Christian ministry has had a bigger impact on me, my work and my journey through life than bmf-uk. I have been given incredible support, advice and opportunities that one could only dream of.

Steven Turnbull CEO bmf-uk

bmf-uk is an evangelistic organisation whose main purpose is to reach everyone with the powerful, inspirational, life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. We have reached out through personal testimonies, dinner events, and encouraged one another through conferences, prayer meetings and fellowship days. bmf-uk has reached out overseas to Kenya and Uganda with sports outreaches, prison visits, events in military barracks and community gatherings and we have seen 58,000 men come to know Jesus Christ in these two countries.

Recently we launched Life Stories @ Lunch on social media, acquiring over 100,000 followers on our social media platforms so far with our posts watched by tens of thousands and reaching over a million people with testimonies of the living God.


We have a place for you. Please contact us and find out about the opportunities bmf-uk can provide for you to serve and how we can encourage you in your walk. We believe you can fulfil that purpose through bmf-uk. We look forward to hearing from you.


Please contact us if you have and questions, prayer requests or want to subscribe to our mailing list to receive news from our lifestories posted either on facebook or youtube or simply for more information

Business Mens Fellowship   Registered Charity SC025720
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